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React Angular 2+ NodeJS Microservices

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yolixtly Profile

Who I am

I am a professionally trained Full Stack Developer, graduated from Thinkful. On my free time, I dance, lift weights, travel or walk my dog Mateo. I enjoy reading how Technology is changing our lifestyle, from the latest apps for my phone to self driving cars!!! My goal is not only to adopt it and evolve with it but also contribute to the awesome change it brings to our life! thats why...

I code!

My Skills

I specialize in coding Business Web Applications. My core skills are ReactJS, Angular 2.X, Typescript, NodeJS and Microservices. I embrace functional Programming as well as Clean Testable Code. Always on the look to learn new technologies.

Among other technologies I use on regular bases are: HTML, CSS, Less, APIs, Git, Github, Bootstrap, TDD with Mocha and Chai, Webpack and NoSql Databases.

I have 4 years of IT experience and I am highly adaptable to teams working in fast pace environments (Agile Methodology) both in small (CitizenDeveloper) and big corporations (Universal Studios Orlando).



Quick Learner

I have a very entrepreneurial spirit, I graduated from Business School in 2013 in Tec de Monterrey. Si! yo hablo espaƱol. I have experience with a family pizzeria startup in Mexico, a fitness studio startup in Vadodara Gujarat India, and Direct Sales experience in California!


ReactJS React Hooks Context API NodeJS Mongo DB JWT Auth

Full Stack React Application with React Hooks and Context API for state management. Peristent No Sql DB and JWT Authentication Features. Includes RESTful API with Express and NodeJS

AngularJS AJAX Responsive Design

This is an image search engine. It allows users to search images. The core of this project is the tasteful and responsive design built with AngularJS.Responsabilities: Head of Design and Idea Creation.

JS Web API CSS HTML LESS Netlify Responsive Design

This is a recent code challenge, consisting on building a website with only HTML CSS and Javascript. Considering that the common ground of my experience is backend, this proves my ability to switch back and forth on different technologies and produce interfaces from mockups.